In addition to Coles normal trading hours they will be open from 8am to 6pm each Sunday on 2nd, 9th and 16th December.

After this time Coles will open the following hours in the lead up to Christmas:

Day Date Coles
Monday 17/12/2018 7am to 9pm
Tuesday 18/12/2018 7am to 10pm
Wednesday 19/12/2018 7am to 10pm
Thursday 20/12/2018 7am to MIDNIGHT
Friday 21/12/2018 7am to 10pm
Saturday 22/12/2018 7am to 10pm
Sunday 23/12/2018 9am to 10pm
Monday 24/12/2018 7am to 6pm
Tuesday 25/12/2018 CLOSED
Wednesday 26/12/2018 9am to 6pm
Thursday 27/12/2018 7am to 9pm
Friday 28/12/2018 7am to 9pm
Saturday 29/12/2018 7am to 9pm
Sunday 30/12/2018 7am to 9pm
Monday 31/12/2018 7am to 9pm
Tuesday 1/01/2019 9am to 6pm
Wednesday 2/01/2019 Resume Normal Hours

Hours correct as at 11.12.18. Please see Coles website for more details.